Ball Pit For KidsBall Pit For KidsBall Pit For KidsBall Pit For KidsBall Pit For Kids
Ball Pit For Kids
Ball Pit For Kids

Perfect Place For Kids to Play and Get Lost in Their Imagination

Our new Ball Pit For Kids is the perfect place for kids to play and get lost in their imagination. Playing in the ball pit is a great way to keep children entertained in a fun, safe environment. Our inflatable ball pit for kids comes complete with over 100 colorful balls. Kids can bounce, sit and play inside this giant ball pit or they can crawl through the tunnel to reach the ball pit.


Key Features:

- Small and portable

- Tent for kids camping or traveling

- Easy to open and fold, suitable in spring

- Safe, non-toxic, non-PVC, and easy to clean

- Fabric roll-up / down door for easy access and two windows allow airflow and visibility

- Facilitate parents to observe baby's activity anytime, anywhere

- Decorative print on the sides makes your children excited when playing inside

- Cultivate social communication ability, sports ability, and space conscious ability.


Package Contents:

1 x Tent Toy 1 x Tunnel 1 x ball pit 1 x Zippered Storage Bag



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