Portable HumidifierPortable HumidifierPortable HumidifierPortable HumidifierPortable Humidifier
Portable Humidifier
Portable Humidifier

Keep Your Air Feeling Great On The Go


1. SUPER QUIET: Runs quietly. It won't be disruptive while you sleep
2. Large capacity, dry protection, infiltration, and Moisturizing
3. Automatic power failure protection, anti-dry
4. Mini size, lightweight and compact, easy to carry



How To Use:
1.Open the top cover, pull out the cotton swab.(Don't lose the spring)
2.Add water into it.
3.Wet the cotton swab in the water completely. Soak the cotton swab until it squeezes out the water.
4.Put the cotton swab into the suction tube.
5.Plug in the power.
6.Press the button switch and then you can use it.



Notes: Before using, it is necessary to wet the filter in the water completely, until it squeezes out water. Please don't lose the spring when you pull out the cotton swab, or it'll not produce mist.  If the mist is significantly reduced, you need to replace the cotton swab. 

This mini humidifier can only use tap water or mineral water. If you add essential oils or perfumes, it will affect the fogging effect.

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