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    Diverse Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate

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    The Efficient Magnetic Stirrer For You

    We feel that this is the right new stirrer for your benchtop. With stirring and heating function, and ceramic working plate, this stirrer was designed with power and diversity in mind. 




    Adjustable Sensor Stand

    Equipped with the stainless steel probe support, it can be adjusted freely, and the fastening nut will not slip.

    Lab Heating Mantle,Magnetic Stirrer, Stirring Heating Mantle


    Wide Application

    The magnetic stirrer with a hot plate is the ideal equipment for liquid heating and stirring. Used in modern petroleum, chemical, medical and health fields, environmental protection, biochemistry, and other fields.




    Features & Details

    • 【PRODUCT PARAMETER】- Stirring volume: 1000ML; Heating power: 180W; Motor Power: 10W, Stirring Speed: 0-1600 rpm adjustable.
    • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】- High-quality magnetic stir plate is made of ceramics, with fast warm-up and uniform heating. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, and strong magnetism. 
    • 【DUAL FUNCTION】- Electronic heating mode and magnetic stirring feature a large heating area, fast warm-up, high-temperature evenness, and accurate control. 
    • 【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE】- Magnetic stirring mantle adopts step-less speed operation, able to achieve stable, precise stirring to the liquid solution within a wider speed scope, especially in the experiments of samples with small volume. 
    • 【MULTIPLE APPLICATION】- The magnetic stirrer heater is a piece of ideal equipment for liquid heating and stirring used in the chemical, medical and sanitary field, environment protection, biochemistry, experimental analysis, and education & research development field.